About our new design

We've been hard at work to make one of the best science news sources even better, with a modern, fully-responsive design, easier navigation, and more engaging social sharing. Explore the new EurekAlert!, discover the latest science news and multimedia offerings, and see what's trending among reporters and visitors.

What's new?

Whether you're browsing for the latest news or looking for something specific, the new EurekAlert! offers more and better signposts to help you explore all the site has to offer:

  • We moved the navigation bar to the top to make more room for breaking science news from more than 1,800 research institutions and peer-reviewed journals.
  • Keyword buttons appear with each news release to help you find related news and events. We've also added easier navigation to major categories, special topics and language portals, and newsmakers.
  • Multimedia are more prominently displayed in both news feeds and individual news releases, and are better organized with captions and related news releases.
  • Social sharing is faster and more engaging, with source institutions, scientists and special hashtags pre-programmed.
  • The new Trending Science News feature showcases news releases and multimedia most-clicked by reporters and visitors.
  • And the fully responsive design means science news looks just as good on your mobile device and tablet as your widescreen desktop.

Why the change?

EurekAlert! was launched 1996 to facilitate newsgathering of its more than 10,000 registered science reporters. It was originally designed for speed with a text-heavy interface.

Since then, high-quality news releases from more than 1,800 accredited research institutions and peer-reviewed journals—up to 200 submissions a day—have attracted nearly one million unique visitors each month from all corners of the world.

In 2013, EurekAlert! conducted a public visitor survey. Respondents told us they liked the content EurekAlert! offered, but wanted easier navigation and better organization to help them find more news they can use.

We have also incorporated feedback from reporters and PIOs to offer better integrated social sharing and multimedia showcase to make it easier to communicate science broadly.

What stays the same?

Our mission to facilitate science newsgathering remains our highest priority. It's a new look, but we're the same reliable news service you've come to trust.

We would love to hear what you think of our new look! Please fill out a short survey or contact us at webmaster@eurekalert.org with any comments or questions.