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Ready for a RESET?

Here's how we can rethink our world and create a different future

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Everybody has a plan -- until they don't. Philipp Kristian's latest book, RESET , examines what's next for us all and proffers a vision for how we can rewrite our future together. Penned at the height of the pandemic in 2020, Philipp takes readers on a journey through, what he calls, the Big Reset, further contextualizing what this means for the New Global. Exploring how this will impact the Future You and Future of Work, he shapes a resolution for the world we can co-create.

So, how did we get here? Philipp first casts his understanding of how we reached the Big Reset and why this matters. In these initial chapters, Philipp elucidates the tension that is surmounting between competition and collaboration, further purporting a need for a new operating system. Blending pragmatism with a wilful sense of optimism, Philipp reinforces our ability to orchestrate a better future together before defining what this means for a newer, better version of globalism.

He then challenges his readers to reflect on what this means to them and the organisations they contribute to. This expedition is brought to life through refreshing metaphorical prose, such as the kale doughnut (yes, that is correct -- a kale doughnut), aiming to inspire a revaluation of our own modus operandi. The book granulates this down to what this means for intergenerational workplace challenges and a new take on agile leadership.

"This book represents as much an observation of the world around us as it is a remedy for the challenges we're still grappling with today," shares Human Transformation Pioneer and RESET Author Philipp Kristian. "It sets the precedent for us to begin thinking differently about what a RESET really means and the potential it creates for us to change modern humanity forever."

RESET: Rethinking Our World and Creating a Different Future retails for US$35 / £38 (hardcover) and is also available in electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit


About the Author

Philipp Kristian believes in Human Transformation. He's a human futurist, a voice of change for digital Generations Y to Z and author of RESET and The Trust Economy. Human Transformation is a mindset: it inspires us to lead by example, transforming ourselves as we transform organisations and people for good. Philipp spent over a decade driving Fortune 500 innovation in JAPAC and beyond. He's also helped CEOs of Singapore's most successful start-ups reshape entire industries. These give him a global voice on trust, innovation and future. Human Transformation is what makes it all possible. It's the magic ingredient to all our greatest human achievements. Philipp works with big names and small challengers, and his work appears under global imprints, and in big media and industry publications. He's empowering us to learn that transforming ourselves and our world can be fun, fast and made to last.

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